Behavior Health Consultants, LLC.

B.H.C. clinician Vanessa Jackson, LMSW created a grassroots preventive initiative designed to reduce the occurrence of sexual abuse and empower children and teens to demonstrate ownership of thoughts, feelings, and bodies. Get the Word Out! is one of a kind, it utilizes creative strategies to engage youth on a subject that is rarely discussed and often avoided with a far-reaching impact. Vanessa understands the importance of keeping children protected, emphasizing their strengths and nurturing their development. Look out for GWO in a community near you.

Get the Word Out!


Get the Word Out! Is a grassroots initiative created to have a profound impact on childhood sexual abuse. Get the Word Out! seeks to keep children and teens safe by teaching them about body safety and the POWER of their voice.


Remove the veil of secrecy around child and adolescent sexual abuse through preventive education, supporting the well-being of survivors, and promoting advocacy efforts of allies.


To create safe spaces where children and teens (are empowered to) understand the power of their voice and feel comfortable demonstrating ownership of their bodies.